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Social media is the ideal place to listen, engage, experiment and measure success. Communicate your brand's personality and start to really make a connection with your audience. GROW YOUR BUSINESS


Want to build a relevant, engaged base of prospects? Success on social media requires strategy and creativity in equal measure. Shine a spotlight on your brand in the places your customers already hang out.

Freely develops your voice and tone in a way that resonates with your prospects, reaching them in the places that data tells us they are most active and at the times they are most open to communication.


Everyone wants their voice heard on social, which makes getting noticed even more difficult. Social listening can provide huge insight into the messages your prospects will be most responsive to.

Freely use social listening tools to identify mentions of your brand and other key terms online. We then place focus on engagement using social metrics from Avinash Kaushik’s popular framework.


How can your business create profitable social campaigns? The optimisation of paid campaigns across social media can ensure you get a good ROI.

We use data to identify a highly targeted audience across social channels, then experiment with ad direction to optimise the conversion process.

Free Stock Images: Best Websites

If you’re like most, you’ve Google’d around for some free solutions and found a few posts that suggest the search feature and a number of other methods – but you don’t want to have to link back to the photographer every single time. If this sounds familiar, then you’re in luck: here’s a list of eleven websites that offer stock images free of charge.

I couldn’t recommend Freely highly enough. They have an ability to uncover and understand our desired outcomes and bring these to reality. They’ve been a total pleasure, which is why we continue to work with them on such a regular basis.

James Appleby

General Manager, Panacea

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