Content marketing.

In a world where the boundaries of privacy are increasingly distorted, KatchUp aimed to be different. KatchUp built a private photo sharing platform that made three fundamental promises.

The first, that their service will always remain free from advertising. The second, that they will always protect their users personal data. Finally, their users own every photo they upload.

KatchUp grew from a conversation around the kitchen table to a web and iOS app, but it needed to find a way to reach its desired market.

Freely developed an actionable strategy focused on the symbiotic relationship between content and search. Emphasis was then placed on optimising the app for discovery in the app store – driving relevant users based on keyword intent.

KatchUp is still in the early stages of growth, but the results are positive:

  • Organic traffic to the KatchUp website has increased by 491%
  • KatchUp content is featured on some of the biggest websites on the internet, including 9gag, MakeUseOf, and Sydney Morning Herald
  • App store downloads have increased by over 500%
  • Social followers and engagement have dramatically increased by 90%, and continue to do so.