Website development.

Not so long ago, Thanet College in Broadstairs, Kent didn’t have the greatest reputation. Years of mediocre performance had left it’s 5,000 full and part-time students across a wide range of professional and vocational areas with a “meh” attitude towards it.

New hope arrived in the form of a dynamic principal with a fresh vision for the college expressed in a strategic plan. The approach was holistic, working across the breadth and depth of the college and resulting in:

A new name, East Kent College, communicating greater geographic reach
A fresh identity signalling a transformation was underway
A student recruitment campaign inspiring new students to enrol in greater numbers

Our activity focused on the design and development of a new website. It incorporated functionality that enabled students to search for courses based on their dream career, allowing them to find tailored course listings and information quickly and efficiently.

In addition, we developed a student applications portal to increase efficiency and communication throughout the enrolment process.

The principal is delighted with the transformation at the college which has seen a huge increase in applications. It continues to go from strength to strength, recently acquiring K College’s Folkestone and Dover operations.

In association with Fabrik.