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You’ve just finished writing a cracking blog post. The social shares are going to be flying in soon, but first, you need a good feature image. If you’re like most, you’ve Google’d around for some free solutions and found a few posts that suggest the search feature and a number of other methods – but you don’t want to have to link back to the photographer every single time. If this sounds familiar, then you’re in luck: here’s a list of eleven websites that offer stock images free of charge.

First off is my favourite of the bunch. It’s the first site I came across offering this service and they provide some really high quality images under a CC0 license, which is essentially public domain. They release 10 new images every 10 days so there is plenty of new content for you to play with. You will find these images used all over the web including in WordPress themes and many popular blogs.

unsplash (1)


Gratisography by Bells Design is another fantastic site that is updated weekly with some beautiful imagery. It’s also a very clever way for the design studio to get some tiered link juice and improve their SEO. But anyway, all the images on the site are also CC0 licensed so just download and enjoy any of the stock images free of charge.


Little Visuals

Little Visuals offer seven unique images made available in the public domain every seven days. If you subscribe to their mailing list you will get the images delivered to your inbox each week so you don’t even go searching for it.

a_mile (1)


Picjumbo is another great service that offers beautiful stock photography for free. You can use the images in both personal and commercial projects. The site was started by Viktor Hanacek in November 2013 and has continued to grow since. The categories range from Abstract to Wedding, so there’s something for everyone on this site.

picjumbo.com_HNCK4470 (1)

Hubspot Library

An option that is less well known is the Hubspot Library. Not only do they offer a huge range of freebies, including marketing guides and infographic templates, they also offer three different stock image packs that you can download and use for free. If you go to their filter and type ‘stock’ you will see what I mean.


Death to the Stock Photo

Death to the Stock Photo delivers free high-resolution lifestyle photography to your inbox each month and they let you to do whatever you want with it.

DeathtoStock_Vday3 (1)


Another site that offers images under the CC0 license. Not much more to say on this one.


This is an interesting website – they offer vintage photos from the public archives that are free of known copyright restriction.



Refe is a marketplace of the best mobile photos, however they operate a Tumblr blog that offer stock images free for your personal or commercial projects.



Sumall generously offer a number of free images and illustrations. As they say… “Seriously, they are FREE. All of ’em. Use them on your blog, website, e-mails, and all your marketing efforts.”



The selection of images on this website are small but I really like some of the shots he has taken. Check them out.


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