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Email marketing is not dead – it actually generates 50% more sales than other lead generating mechanisms. Grow relationships with your audience directly through their inbox. GROW YOUR BUSINESS


Building an email list can be a hugely profitable growth strategy. When you establish enough trust with your audience that they opt-in to receive your marketing communications, they are pulled into your sales funnel for the lifetime of that account.


With the right strategy, your emails can turn prospects into paying customers. Freely can help you develop a workflow, design and develop templates, and then measure the success of your campaign ready to iterate for next time.

Free Stock Images: Best Websites

If you’re like most, you’ve Google’d around for some free solutions and found a few posts that suggest the search feature and a number of other methods – but you don’t want to have to link back to the photographer every single time. If this sounds familiar, then you’re in luck: here’s a list of eleven websites that offer stock images free of charge.

Freely were superb in providing a thorough development and testing as well as impartial advice on our aims and objectives, which was really constructive for us and I’d thoroughly recommend them to any businesses looking for digital solutions. 

Lewis Husbands

Digital & Social Manager, The Challenge

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