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What channels are driving the most traffic to your website right now? Utilise key metrics and focus your efforts on the channels that will give most bang for your buck.

We capture the data that provokes action and help to unearth insights that are comparative in nature. No more guess work – attract prospects using proven, data-backed techniques.


Want to understand how your website or app is being used? In both startups and established organisations, engagement is one of the most informative metrics.

We use event-based data to understand which areas of your online presence are experiencing the highest levels of interaction, allowing you to make informed business decisions moving forward.


Sure, vanity metrics make you feel good, but a truly great metric is one that changes how you behave. Why are your users coming to your site but not getting in touch or making a purchase? We can help you find out.

Freely’s Google Analytics Individual Qualification certified consultants will help you understand which data is telling you what you really need to know and how to avoid the ‘fluff’ that just gets in the way. Use these key metrics to drive your success online.

A great bunch, super efficient and helpful. Highly recommended, our site ranks like never before!

Stewart Hodgson

Director, Fabrik Brands

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